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Meaningful action today for a better tomorrow.

To tackle our ongoing plastic waste crisis, we need to catalyze innovation that mobilizes tangible change on the ground. Our impact coalition helps make this happen. 

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Our approach to plastic waste is trash. The world needs $30+ billion every year to fix this. 

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362  Bil

kilos of plastic is produced annually


of plastic waste is dumped into the environment


of waste is openly dumped or burned

in low-income countries


of plastic leakage could be solved by investing in existing solutions

Investing in transformative innovation.


countries where rePurpose Impact Projects operate



kilos of plastic waste recovered

to date


rePurpose Impact Projects creating systemic change worldwide

Gearing your impact towards systemic change.

Invest in infrastructure.

Engineer a cleaner future with inclusive waste management technology.

Circular innovations.

Close the loop through innovations that redesign and reduce plastic usage.

Low-value plastic recovery.

Save the environment from plastic waste destined for nature.

Marine plastic recovery.

Turn the tide on plastic waste, by keeping it out of our oceans.

3 effective steps to create impact.


We scout, vet and onboard circular economy and waste management ventures with decades of experience.

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We design and fund programs that enable these ventures to scale-up plastic waste avoidance, removal, recovery, and recycling efforts.


We conduct thorough due diligence to ensure adherence to global environmental & labor standards.


“rePurpose Global is an opportunity to increase waste pickers' income by giving value to plastics that don't have demand and therefore, end up in landfills or in the environment.”


Co-Founder, EcoWorks, Colombia


Action meets additionality.

Creating impact where it truly matters, every piece of plastic removed by us is one that would otherwise remain in the environment for centuries. First and foremost, we conduct a baseline assessment to understand how your impact can strive beyond the status quo. Through rigorous and exhaustive documentation and verification, we ensure 100% additionality is guaranteed.

We don't landfill, burn or incinerate. Sending plastic waste to the safest end destination is our motto. 

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Waste Ventures India

We help WVI engage existing networks of waste collectors to incentivize the collection, recovery, and processing of low-value plastic waste, specifically Multi-Layered Plastics. In doing so, we give the ignored and worthless plastic waste value, and keep it out of the environment.

Plastic Type

Multi-layered plastic

Additionality Created

408230+ kilos


Hyderabad, India




Our waste warriors.

At the heart of our impact are real heroes, who don’t often get the recognition they deserve in the waste sector. Our work supports them to have more income opportunities, safer working conditions, and above all, more respect.


Download our guide to social safeguarding for more information


informal waste settlements impacted globally.


waste workers ethically employed in rePurpose Global’s impact projects.


marginalized community members positively impacted.

Supply chain

We ensure smooth impact delivery in a streamlined process, with chain of custody documentation overseen by dedicated operations managers who conduct due diligence at every stage.



Our Plastic Credit Protocol guides us from the get-go. Our step-by-step guidelines help us ensure that your impact is evaluated and monitored, at every touchpoint.


External audits

Delivering on our promise of accountability and transparency, we welcome regular third-party audits and client spot-checks, to make sure global environmental and socio-economic standards are being met. 

Your impact, our guarantee.

Download a summary of our verification and traceability protocols.

On the frontlines of a global revolution.

Plastic Standard Development Committee Member

Working with Verra, the leading standardization body, to develop the world’s first plastic credit standard, along with Danone, Veolia, Tetra Pak, and others.

UNEP Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative Member

A coalition of partners and financial institutions like EBRD, across the globe, working to restore balance in our marine ecosystem.  

Prevent Waste Alliance Member

Convened by the German Development Corporation, a pan-European industry alliance working together to achieve a global circular economy.

New Plastic Economy 
Commitment Signatory

Over 400 signatories have joined hands in the pursuit of plastic elimination along with NGOs and governmental bodies.


Part of the group of businesses that meet the highest social and environmental standards, pending certification. 

US Plastic Pact

Businesses, government entities, researchers and NGOs working together towards a circular economy for plastics. 

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