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Elemental Promise

Your favorite all-natural body care company is now one of America's first PlasticNeutral businesses

Elemental Promise has partnered with rePurpose to turn all its product lines PlasticNeutral!

Here's how it works:


We identify the volume of plastic in each SKU / product line as determined by Elemental Promise


For every unique item sold, contributions from Elemental Promise will help rePurpose collect and recycle an equivalent volume of ocean-bound plastic waste


Create a roadmap to reduce plastic in Elemental Promise's supply chain in the next 2-5 years.

Elemental Promise is about all-natural, herbal body care. We believe in giving back to the world that has given us so much. Going PlasticNeutral was a logical next step in furthering our mission and values. We value honesty, inspiration, positivity, and education. Partnering with rePurpose Global is one of many actions we have taken and plan to take to drive a sustainable and holistic business. Opening up the eyes of the people who buy our products is a major milestone in understanding and ultimately, learning, that they have the power to vote with their dollars for a healthy planet.

Jamie Saphow, Founder

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PlasticNeutral Project Snapshot

Offset Enabler: 

Elemental Promise

New Jersey, USA

2020 - 2021 Reduction Goals: 

Elemental Promise has already migrated most of its products to post-industrial resin instead of virgin plastics. In the coming year, we are working together to find more compostable or biodegradable alternatives for the product packaging.

Start Date: November 5th, 2019

Annual Impact: One pound of plastic recovered for every pound of plastic sold

Project Site: Bengaluru India

Offset Implementor: 

Saahas Zero Waste 

Bengaluru, India





Process Overview

1. Measure: 

rePurpose works with Elemental Promise to quantify the plastic footprint of each product line, based on plastic contained in the product packaging and in the shipping services. On average, we found a typical product contains about 3 grams of plastic.  

2. Fund: 

For every unique item sold, Elemental Promise shall fund the ethical recovery and processing of an equivalent amount of plastic waste, stemming its flow into our precious oceans and landscape.

3. Impact: 

Elemental Promise’s PlasticNeutral proceeds enable rePurpose to facilitate investment in sustainable recovery and recycling infrastructure, in collaboration with Saahas Zero Waste in Bangalore, guaranteeing removal of as much plastic from the environment as was generated through Elemental Promise's packaging

Saahas Zero Waste is a trusted rePurpose impact creator

This is how much plastic you waste every year. 

Find out how you can go Plastic Neutral today. 

About rePurpose

rePurpose is a movement of conscious people and businesses going Plastic Neutral by financing the removal of ocean-bound plastic worldwide. 


Together, we can reduce waste, revive lives, and restore balance.

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