We are saving over 150 tons of plastic from nature every year.

Thanks to our global Plastic Neutral community, we are growing this impact every week.

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Here’s how we make a dent wherever we go

 Our offsets guarantee 100% environmental additionality

Your contributions subsidize the ethical recovery & safe disposal of plastic waste simply too low-value to be otherwise removed from the environment 

We empower waste pickers, our society’s unsung heroes

We improve the conditions of informal waste picker colonies by providing education subsidies, health insurance, sanitation, and formal job opportunities

We build infrastructure that enables the circular economy

We work with local partners to build crucially needed waste management infrastructure to solve today’s and tomorrow’s waste problem 

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Shaping the Circular Economy

Industry thought leadership, grounded in pure expertise

Advising Verra, a leading carbon offset standard developer, on creating the world’s first plastic crediting standard

​Member of Verra Plastic Standard Development Committee

Member of PREVENT Waste Alliance

Convened by the German Development corporation, a pan-European industry alliance working together to achieve a global circular economy

Signatory of Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastic Economy Commitment

Over 400 signatories have joined hands in pursuit of plastic elimination. (Including NGOs, Governments and other organisations)

Selected Appearances

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The Plastic Credit Protocol

We like to keep ourselves in check. 

A first-of-its-kind comprehensive set of procedures and metrics we follow to maximize the socioeconomic and environmental impact of our plastic compensation projects. It helps us ensure that our partners’ operations are carried out in an ethical & efficient manner.

Our Project Principles


A plastic credit must create supplemental environmental impact, meaning that the credit purchaser’s financial incentive is the sole reason that a certain amount of plastic waste was recovered, processed, and recycled. 


An objective third party must verify the impact claim with project data. 


Environmental impact attributed to one credit buyer cannot be double counted.

Leakage Prevention

The compensation intervention needs to avoid negative impact downstream

Socioeconomic Benefit

Projects should do no harm to marginalized communities and strive to improve their conditions.

Our Impact Verification Process

Plastic Offset Protocol

We have created the sector's first Plastic Offset Protocol: a set of internal guidelines to ensure our partners' field operations are carried out in an environmentally effective and socially ethical manner. 

Internal Verifications

Dedicated staff embedded in supply chains to conduct daily due diligence from which compliance and environmental metrics are communicated through the client dashboard.

Client Spot Checks

Clients have full access to our supply chains for in-person spot checks and in-depth interviews prior to and throughout the engagement.  

External Audit Assurances

We are getting external audit agencies to assure the ethicality of our supply chains. rePurpose is also a part of Verra's technical advisory group to create the World's First Plastic Crediting Standard.

Our Mission

A global coalition of purposeful people and companies dedicated to empowering innovators on the frontlines of reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring nature's balance.

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