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Creating change you can count on.

We are impact pioneers committed to changing the world of plastic waste. Partnering with us on plastic action solutions means you create transparent, credible, and verifiable impact that reduces plastic pollution, and supports communities.

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Quick wins on plastic waste aren’t
all shortcuts.

Low-value plastic recovery

You can support our projects to recover low-value plastic and create additional impact – only plastic above and beyond what would have been collected anyway.

Waste infrastructure finance

Be part of a cleaner future by financing the set-up and expansion of waste

management infrastructure.

No burning or landfilling

Support projects that recycle all plastic that can be recycled and send unrecyclable plastics to environmentally-preferred end-of-life destinations.

Ocean-bound plastic recovery

Play a role in protecting our oceans by choosing coastal projects that recover plastics and prevent marine

plastic pollution.

Take action on plastic pollution where it’s most needed.

Our impact projects recover nature-bound plastic from regions where plastic is most at risk of leaking into the natural environment. 

Explore our interventions

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impact projects across the world


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Helping you to tell a better story about plastic.

You want to report on your progress and be sure you’re hitting the milestones on your environmental journey. We support you to make verified plastic action claims, so you can do this with confidence.


Here’s how we do it:

3 effective steps to create impact.

Reliable people-powered operations

Be part of the action – we work on projects directly to provide technical support, and train and monitor teams to meet required standards for verifiable impact creation.

“By partnering with rePurpose Global, we don't just offer an alternative, but actively remove plastic from the environment, changing the impact of industries for good. That's the impact we're part of."


David Cuthbert

CEO, Mananalu

Partner of Project Laut Yang Tenang, Indonesia

Choose an impact project that aligns with your brand.
Your supply chain is global — your impact can be too.

Customisable solutions for your brand to create life-changing impact.

Take your place on the frontlines of a global revolution.

By working with us, your impact is aligned with industry best practices. We are active members of some of the world’s most leading coalitions and organizations related to reducing

plastic waste:

UNEP Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative Member

Prevent Waste Alliance Working Group Member

New Income Opportunities

Create new income streams for waste workers by incentivizing the collection of low-value plastics.

Fair Working Conditions

Fair Working Conditions: Support hygienic facilities, lighting, ventilation, humane working hours, clean water, and paid holidays for project staff. 

Equal Pay, Equal Work

Through our projects ensure that all waste workers are paid fairly — everyone gets the same pay for the same work.

Human Rights Protection

Fund projects that go over and above ILO guidelines to ensure there is no forced or child labor.

Workplace Diversity

Give employment opportunities to women and see them represented in operations and leadership roles.

Safe Working Conditions

Working with rePurpose Global means supporting safety equipment, preventive measures and PPE.

Empower people – support jobs, safety, and communities.

The waste warriors collecting plastic don’t often get the credit, dignity, and respect they deserve in the informal waste sector. Learn how you can empower them to live more fulfilling lives.

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