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Employee impact beyond the workplace

We offer novel sustainability solutions for conscious organizations with at least 50 employees, located across the globe.




We calculate the unique plastic usage by your offices and employees in a seamless, stress-free process.



We help you adopt waste reduction practices in your offices and recommend personalized pledges based on your employees' unique footprint profiles.



At ~$0.25 per pound of your footprint, we help you fund vetted projects to remove at least as much plastic

waste from nature as you create.


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Our talented team hosts webinars, curates green living newsletters, and creates unique digital experiences that will wow your entire team.


Your challenges inspire our solutions

“Our team works remotely - employee engagement is too difficult under the circumstances.”


Human Resources Lead

Our Plastic Neutral Workplace solution is designed for your hybrid model. From the measurement and compensation of your employees’ footprint to our digitally-driven engagement strategies, our entire process is contact-free.


Build habits that last a lifetime

We customize and engage your employees with a digital impact pledge tool.

The tool is a simple but powerful survey that calculates your employees' plastic footprint and breaks it down into insightful lifestyle areas.

We provide “sustainable pledges” for the 3 lifestyle areas with the largest contribution to their plastic footprint.

Each pledge is an opportunity to engage with your company's sustainability values and activate plastic waste removal, at no cost to anyone.

Once an employee takes a pledge, we collect these insights and help you drive post-campaign email engagement.

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rePurpose Rewards is a browser extension that gives your employees the opportunity to offset their plastic for free.

Here's how it works:

  1. Shop from your favorite stores the way you usually would

  2. Click to activate and get the store to recognize your rePurpose Rewards membership     

  3. We'll offer you discount codes at checkout to help you save money

  4. We'll get over 25,000 stores to fund plastic waste removal on your behalf


Stay ahead of the curve

Take action that's in sync with your organization's values. Strategically aligned impact helps build brand identities that stick.

Your business could turn heads


Keep employees in the know

Democratize sustainability in your organization with tools that help engage and inform your employees about valuable sustainable living habits.


Set yourself apart

In a world of disconnected and largely ineffective CSR initiatives, adopt a novel impact solution that sets you apart from your peers.

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Top off your impact with our seals of approval

Become Plastic Neutral by eliminating the same amount of plastic that your workplace and employees put into the environment.

Go the extra mile and become Plastic Negative, by eliminating at least 2x as much plastic waste from nature as your employees and workplace generate.

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Springing impact into action

As a global change-maker, Dalberg prioritizes innovation through social impact advisory. By working with clients to innovate and design impact strategies, they catalyze social change and economic exclusivity.



As a company with international operations, pinpointing the specific areas of waste creation is a difficult task, yet essential to initiating environmental change.


We measured and analysed key problem areas and offset their employees' and workplace’s plastic footprint by eliminating an equivalent amount of plastic from nature. 


By creating a Plastic Neutral workplace, Dalberg's footprint is forming science-based 2025 targets to reduce plastic footprints by 30% per person. 


"As a part of its climate commitment, Dalberg has committed to be a laboratory for innovative climate solution providers, and strongly believes in fostering innovations to propel large-scale environmental change. By going Plastic Neutral with rePurpose Global and supporting their pioneering work, Dalberg is putting that philosophy into immediate action"



Partner & Asia Director, Dalberg Advisors


Build a culture of care at your workplace

Built and customized for companies with more than 50 employees, we help your workplace become more sustainable, and your workforce more environmentally responsible.