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Remove as much plastic waste as you create

Sustainability doesn't have to drain your bandwidth or empty your bank. With rePurpose Global, you get to take clear and meaningful environmental action that your customers can understand and trust, overnight. Learn more about Plastic Neutrality and other impact options to craft your change story and reshape our planet's future, today.


Pioneering Action in 4 Simple Steps


Your Footprint

In just 2 minutes, we calculate your company's unique plastic usage in a quick and painless process.


Your Impact

We help you reduce virgin plastic use in your supply chain through tips, tools, and access to packaging innovators.


Plastic Action

At ~$0.25 per pound of your footprint, we help you fund vetted projects to remove at least as much plastic waste from nature as you use.


Your Purpose

Our talented Creative Team enables you to run unique storytelling campaigns about our joint impact across your entire customer journey.


We Are Igniting

A Global Revolution

to End Plastic Waste


Purposeful Businesses in Our Global Coalition


Countries Where rePurpose Global-Certified Products Are Sold


Consumers Who Interact With Brands in Our Coalition Every Month

rePurpose's Plastic Credit Platform makes it so easy for people and brands who don’t already have a background in sustainability to join the conversation and think about it with an innovative and refreshing framework.

Daniella Labat

Partnerships Manager

rePurpose Global creates a catalytic impact by channeling the business resolve to tackle plastic waste into critically needed funding for the circular economy. It's a simple, intuitive, and powerful idea.

Marisa Drew

Chief Sustainability Officer

rePurpose’s certification process, while rigorous, is neither expensive nor difficult. Consumers will be expecting to see the Plastic Neutral seal on all the products they support — or they’ll be switching to those that do.

David Yaskulka




Global Certifications

From Plastic Neutrality to an Impact Guarantee, seamlessly embed planet protection into your offerings to stand out on the aisle and wow your customers today.



Positive Checkout

Put your customers in the driver seat and enable them to add a few cents during checkout to wipe out the order’s plastic footprint, all at no cost to the business.



Plastic Neutral

Take responsibility for your team’s plastic footprint to engage employees, build a culture of care, and integrate sustainability into the company DNA.

Join Our Global Tribe of Purposeful Brands

Walk the Talk

<0.1% of topline sales on average to go Plastic Neutral and create system-changing impact

Cut Through the Noise

95% of consumers prefer a rePurpose-branded product over a similar offering

Seize the Moment

2 days is all it takes to onboard our platform and take meaningful planet action










We Build Systems That Capture Plastic Before It Becomes Waste

Catalyzing the recovery of low-value plastic waste streams, true culprits behind marine ecosystem damage

Financing new waste infrastructure 

desperately needed in geographies most prone to leakage of plastic into nature

Scaling up the reach of virgin plastic alternatives and circular economy business models to build a world without waste


waste workers and marginalized community members impacted

2 .5 MIL

lbs of plastic waste removed from nature every year


plastic bags eliminated by rePurpose Global every second

We Help You Forge a Purposeful Brand Identity

Our In-House Creative Team provides every business we work with cutting-edge strategies and creative resources to craft unique impact stories and distinguish you from the pack. Building brand perception, reaching eco-conscious audiences, and improving customer loyalty has never been easier.

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Bringing People and Companies Together to Smash the Status Quo

Championing for representation and diversity in the racially skewed global discourse on climate change.

Providing a platform for unsung environmental heroes to take center stage in our world's transition to a circular economy.

Helping conscious businesses anywhere flourish in providing consumers with ethical and eco-friendly alternatives.

Engage with the Cutting Edge of Sustainability

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Circular Pulse

Fortnightly digests on the hottest trends in business sustainability today. Check out an example here!

Environment Pollution

Are all plastics born equal? Is compostability enough? Bust some myths about plastic pollution with us!

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Plastic Footprint Calculator

Take 3 minutes to find out your personal plastic footprint and understand how your lifestyle uniquely impacts our planet.

How the
World Uses Plastic

Explore our first-of-its-kind data visualization dashboard, curated from over 10,000 plastic footprint profiles across the world. See how you rank!

Our Mission

A global coalition of purposeful people and companies dedicated to empowering innovators on the frontlines of reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring nature's balance.

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