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Touching lives, 
igniting change.


team members dedicated to enabling our world's transition to Plastic Neutrality

2 .4 K 

people ethically employed by rePurpose Global impact projects

11 Mil

people touched by our global movement till date

Explore Our Journey

In a world of waste, we see things differently.

We recognize plastic pollution for the systemic problem it is. Providing much needed financing to path-breaking innovators is one of the best bets we can make. 

Hearing the moderator mention my name, I walked onto stage and snapped into focus. Fighting the limelight's glare, I looked across the audience. That's when it hit me:

I was the only young person of color in the room.

Peter Wang Hjemdahl
Co-Founder, rePurpose Global

This is who we are.

Empowered by  

We are a growing tribe of vibrant cultures from around the world, united by a singular cause — a healthier planet. Perspectives from waste management organizations in 3 continents, brands operating across 155 countries and our network of ecosystem enablers peppered across the world embody the multicultural spirit required for environmental action today. 

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Unmatched expertise.

The fact is, we know the industries that we work with inside-out. Armed with decades of experience in environmental finance, circular economy, behavioral change and sustainability communications, we are always ahead of the curve and constantly iterating on our approach in pursuit of a planet positive future.

We are the future.

As young, passionate millennials and future custodians of the planet, environmental preservation is personal to us. As digital natives ourselves, we understand what today's consumers want. Our empathy is a powerful tool, enabling a generation of changemakers to lead the world in the right direction.

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Explore our journey.

How it began.

As soon as they stepped out of the car and onto the grounds of Asia’s second-largest landfill, Deonar East in Mumbai, our three co-founders were met with an arresting view: to one side, towering mountains of plastic, and to the other, the city’s endless, booming urban skyline. This is when they realized something needed to change, fast.  Soon after, Svanika, Peter and Aditya began a journey five years in the making — to create a global community of purposeful people and brands, workplaces, and brands going Plastic Neutral​. 

500 Mil

pounds of plastic waste avoided, recovered or recycled from nature.


marginalized waste workers empowered

$1 Billion

of financing granted to circular economy innovators worldwide


impact projects and circular innovators join our mission


purposeful brands join our global tribe

100 million

people in our global coalition

Our 2030 vision.

The world is on track to double plastic pollution in nature to 104 million metric tons by 2030, unless waste is properly managed. rePurpose Global is changing this trajectory.

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