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rePurpose Global: your partner for impact on plastic waste.

Doing the right thing when it comes to sustainability for your brand can be overwhelming. In particular, figuring out what to do about plastic in your supply chain can be a challenge. That’s where rePurpose Global comes in. 

Our suite of plastic action solutions unlocks access to immediate and marketable impact — at any stage of your sustainability journey.

Footprint accounting

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Supply chain activation

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Plastic recovery

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Footprint accounting

Measure and benchmark your organization’s plastic footprint with our proprietary assessment tools, and uncover insights that guide your sustainability actions.

Frameworks & Methodology

Make confident and credible claims about your plastic reduction journey with our first-of-its-kind, user-friendly, set of footprint accounting tools.

Footprint Measurement & Analysis

Our expert insights into your brands’ plastic use, give you the guidance you need for plastic reduction strategies, regulatory compliance, marketing communications, and more.

Auditing, Disclosure, and Validation

Get your footprint data reviewed and audited – we’ll verify your footprint data so you can meet any disclosure requirements, and stride forward with confidence.

Supply chain activation

Work with our team of experts to redesign plastic use in your supply chain or incorporate recycled, nature-bound plastic in your products.

Diagnostic Workshops

Make immediate and meaningful changes to your supply chain by working with our expert team – we will work with you to get detailed qualitative and quantitative insights that guide your journey.

Ethical, Transparent PCR Sourcing

Integrate PCR from vetted impact projects, so you can be sure that your packaging material is traceable, ethically sourced, and supports local communities.

Bespoke Reduction Consultation

Still using plastic? We know it’s hard to shift away from plastic completely, but our in-house experts will analyze existing plans and data, and find creative ways to build circularity.

Plastic recovery 

Fight plastic pollution by supporting the verified recovery of plastic waste from fragile ecosystems, while empowering critical waste workers.

Waste Recovery and Recycling Infrastructure Development

Create environmental and social impact by partnering with rePurpose Impact Projects that recover plastic and improve waste management in the areas where it’s most needed.

Plastic Credits

Plastic action powered by high standards and industry partnerships; get verified nature-bound and ocean-bound Plastic Credits with rePurpose Global.

Custom PCR-Based Project Development

Work with us to create your own custom supply chains for ethically-sourced PCR, and tell the stories of how your circularity is transforming communities.

Engagements and Claims 

Taking plastic action should be celebrated – let’s show the world what’s possible.

We have a ton of ways to help you share your plastic action journey with the people you care about. When you partner with us, we provide ongoing support to amplify your storytelling and advocacy.


Win consumers over and grow your brand with compelling stories and visuals from impact projects as well as robust data to showcase your progress.


Make employees your sustainability champions through listening sessions with on-ground waste innovators and behind-the-scenes site visits.


Lead the way and get your voice heard above the crowds, with our tailor-made thought leadership programming and advocacy platform. 

Burt’s Bees and rePurpose Global are working in partnership to finance critical recycling infrastructure through rePurpose projects in India and Ghana. The projects will prevent plastic waste from flowing into the oceans, and uplift marginalized waste workers. 

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Start your impact journey today.

The road to sustainability is a long one. Reach out to us, and we'll guide you along the way.

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