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Travel Fashion Made From Sustainable Materials

Travelling is our Passion. Design our Language. Sustainability our Standard.

PHOENX suitcases

Fight climate change everyday at checkout.


Protect marine life from plastic waste with your contribution today.

We are PHOENX - a collective of creatives, scientists and visionaries expressing our passion for design and dedication to our planet through our work. We design travel fashion products with our sustainability to our heart with consciously sourced materials integrated into an everlasting circle. We believe in empowering social enterprises, endorsing local creatives and raising awareness for sustainable activities through meaningful collaborations.

The PHOENX Founders

How It Works


1. Donate

As a Plastic Neutral Enabler, PHOENX is allowing its customers to donate any amount they wish to rePurpose Global at checkout which would fund the removal of ocean-bound plastic.


2. Offset

Low-value plastic is collected, processed and reused by Waste Ventures India - a social enterprise in India employing and empowering waste pickers to tackle plastic waste.


3. Impact

Your donation will help add crucial income streams for informal waste workers, providing them with ethical wages and diverting plastic waste otherwise bound for landfills or oceans.

Yearly Impact of Our Partner, Waste Ventures India


KGs of Plastic Waste Diverted

From Oceans and Landfills


Waste Workers & Family Members Provided with Additional Income


Tons of CO2e Emissions Avoided

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 6.23.27 PM.png

Plastic Offset Project:

Waste Ventures India 

Hyderabad, India

Offset Enabler: 


London, UK

PHOENX Journey 1.png

The world's first truly sustainable premium carry-on suitcase - from design to materials.


The PHOENX Story

PHOENX's Sustainability Journey

The Source

PHOENX emphasises the beauty of recycled materials and is a pioneer for recycled products without any compromises on quality or design. The design studio created its own material composition for the suitcase shell, is using further recycled or recyclable materials wherever possible and adjusted its supply chain to become truly sustainable.

Waste worker from Waste Ventures India

The Final Destination

By placing the circular economy concept at the core of its brand, the design studio aims towards the fully sustainable production of travel accessories to meet their "zero waste" commitment. They continuously strive for innovations in their techniques and materials to improve quality and reduce environmental impact.

PHOENX Products 1.png

Plastic Neutrality at Checkout

To take the commitment one step further, PHOENX offers its customers to donate any amount when purchasing online at For every €0.50, customers will remove 1KG of nature-bound plastic and empower marginalized waste workers to tackle plastic pollution in their own communities!

PHOENX Journey 2.png

This is how much plastic you waste every year. 

Find out how you can go Plastic Neutral today. 

Beach cleanup by rePurpose Global

rePurpose Global is a movement of conscious people and businesses going Plastic Neutral by empowering waste workers to fight our global plastic epidemic.


Together, we can reduce waste, revive lives, and restore balance.

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