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Plastic Credit

rePurpose Global has processes in place to make sure that our environmental and social impact is measured, trackable, and verifiable. Our Plastic Credit Protocol builds on global standards and provides a detailed framework for the implementation of impactful plastic waste recovery projects. 

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rePurpose Global's impact is robust, tracked and verified — and benefits waste workers on the front lines.

rePurpose Global’s Plastic Credit Protocols include:

  • Measurability and additionality: plastic recovery is assessed and measured over an established baseline.

  • Traceability: plastic recovery has a documented record of collection, transportation, and end of life treatment processes, with documents maintained and uploaded for audit availability.

  • Verifiability: the rePurpose Global team supports projects to complete high standards of process documentation, and projects have regular internal and 3rd party audits and reporting requirements.

  • Environmental and social impact: projects are supported to work in ways that benefit the environment and community members.

You can also read a summary of the protocol here. For more information on how we create impact through plastic waste recovery see our impact page, or get in touch with our team.

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