Empowering businesses to restore nature's balance.

We give companies of any size, anywhere the Power, Platform,
and Pathway to finance big-picture environmental action today.

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Start your impact journey today.

We help you go Plastic Neutral to finance clear, genuine, and catalytic action against plastic pollution today.

Your funding enables our Impact Projects worldwide to eliminate as much plastic waste from nature as you business creates.

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rePurpose Global certifications

Create Change With Every Sale

Take action on your brand’s plastic waste footprint through one of our three flagship certifications: Plastic Neutral, Plastic Negative, or the Impact Guarantee Program. Learn more about how you can build a purposeful brand identity and create genuine impact today.

Good for business, better for the planet.

Turn customers into
lifelong champions.

We help you take easy-to-grasp environmental action that instantly clicks with consumers. With us, you get to bring your audience along a shared journey, and cultivate a community dedicated to planetary change.

Sustainability action in days, not years.

Your customers cannot wait, and neither can our planet. We take the frustration out of kickstarting sustainability, and help you make an impact, through the world’s largest plastic recovery platform. 

Systemic change at
your fingertips.

$30 billion — that’s how much our world needs to spend, every year, to stop plastic leakage into nature. With plastic credits, we empower businesses to finance desperately needed systems, and finally turn the tide on plastic waste. 

Perspectives from our global community.

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By helping businesses take responsibility, rePurpose Global is kickstarting a global movement that creates systematic change.


Chief Executive Officer


Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, we have been able to more successfully engage our employees in understanding their own plastic footprints and pledging to reduce their plastic usage in their lives.


Senior Director

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rePurpose Global’s project opens up the circular economy to multi-layered plastics by bolstering its value, while creating jobs for waste workers. 


Project Coordinator

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Start your impact journey today.

The road to sustainability is a long one. Reach out to us, and we'll guide you along the way.