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Conscious brands stand out from the herd

2 out of 3 consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase.

Ethical products keep customers happy

91% of consumers would switch to a purpose-driven one when given the option. 

Green attracts


66% of consumers would pay a higher price for environmentally and socially conscious products.

1. We help you select the most optimal journey

2. We calculate your plastic footprint

3. You fund the removal of an equivalent amount of plastic from our nature 

6. Join the global Plastic Neutral community

5. Showcase your impact commitment to customers

4. Together, we build a waste reduction roadmap for your business

Here's what you can expect from your Plastic Neutral journey

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Plastic Neutral Product

Does your products depend on high-quality packaging? Are you struggling to find alternatives for plastic?
At rePurpose Global, we believe that plastic is not always the problem - but plastic waste is. With us, you can take action today.
It's as simple as it gets - fund the recovery and recycling of an amount of plastic equivalent to that in your products and distinguish yourself from competitors as a Plastic Neutral brand.

(California, USA)

Case Study: Safe Catch

As a growing seafood brand that prides itself on safety & purity, Safe Catch has long wanted to take climate action and protect marine ecosystems from plastic pollution. 

By removing an equivalent amount of plastic from nature as they use, the Plastic Neutral Certification enables Safe Catch to take responsibility for their plastic footprint and provide all their products at a net-zero plastic footprint.

Environmental Impact:  61,000 LBs of low-value plastic waste diverted from oceans and landfills, processed and reused every year.

Socioeconomic Impact: Generated additional income for 100+ waste worker and empowered local fishing communities in India 


Planet Positive Checkout

Enable your customers to add a few cents during checkout to offset the plastic footprint of their purchase that day and create a Plastic Neutral shopping experience - all at no cost to the business!


Your customers can add a few cents to offset plastic in their purchase


Their contribution funds the recycling of an equivalent amount of low-value plastic


Green your customer experience with our micro-sites, social media creatives and impact stories

(Gurgaon, India)

The Moms Co.

Impact: Through the contributions at the point-of-sale, more than 10 tons of plastic has been collected, processed, and reused so far. 

2020 Reduction Goal: The Moms Co. plans to create closed-loop distribution and buyback systems in select cities this coming year.

The Moms Co. is a company on a mission to help mothers make safe, natural, and effective choices.


Plastic Neutral Workplace

Designed for employee-centric firms looking to create an impact beyond your bottom line. Our tools enable you to take responsibility for your plastic footprint, meaningfully engage staff on green living, and build a conscious culture.

1. Measure

Use our proprietary, easy-to-use tools to identify the amount of plastic waste used by your organization per year

2. Compensate

Offset each employee’s plastic footprint at $0.50/kg through a recycling project of your choice

3. Engage

We send bi-weekly newsletters to every employee with personalized tips & tricks to help them live greener

Environmental Impact: 18,000 KGs of low-value plastic waste recovered by Taka Taka Solutions in Kenya

Socioeconomic Impact: Generated additional income for formalized waste worker families in Nairobi

Case Study: Dalberg Group


As a strategic advisory firm focused on global development, Dalberg is on a mission to enable thought leaders and innovators to combat our changing climate. Dedicated to progressing the pace of innovation, they help provide these innovators a pathway into the mainstream market.

By working with rePurpose Global, Dalberg is creating an office culture focused on environmental change, social awareness, and one that empowers employees to take action at an individual level.

Planning to throw a professional conference or personal event with catering, standees, and more? We've got you covered. Plan a Plastic Neutral event by working with us to reduce the avoidable plastic waste produced on-site and offset the rest.

Plastic Neutral Event

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