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Infuse planetary
purpose into your
brand identity.

Designed to help you overcome impact hurdles, our solutions empower businesses across industries to take action that benefits the world. 

Plastic Neutral

Fund the removal of as much plastic as your business uses

The gold standard for brands taking the first step to combat plastic waste

Lead your customers towards change with a net-zero plastic footprint 

Create genuine impact for less than  <0.1% of your topline annual sales 

Impact Guarantee

Eliminate 1 kg/lb of plastic waste for every product sold

Make a 1-for-1 impact promise that instantly clicks with your audience

Take a stance against pollution, even when your packaging is plastic-free 

Instantly embed environmental stewardship into your offerings

Plastic Negative

Recover plastic waste equivalent to 2x your brand’s footprint

Empower each product sale to repay our debt to nature

Stand out from the crowd to exceed your customer expectations 

Innovate beyond net-zero to reverse the trajectory of our climate crisis

We take the headache out of
kickstarting brand sustainability.

Make an
immediate impact.

Complement necessary supply chain goals with systemic change. Footprinting & onboarding takes a couple of hours, and environmental impact starts within days, not years.

Leave the
labyrinth to us.

Don’t get your team entangled in the maze of sustainability - we'll go through it and figure out what’s best for you. Our solutions fit every size, sector, and geography.

More bang
for your buck.

Our brands don’t view us as a cost — they see us as an investment. Create impact for less than 0.1% of your sales on average, and start reaping the evergreen benefits of brand loyalty today.


of consumers consider Plastic Neutrality as an effective sustainability solution for brands


 of consumers believe rePurpose Global helps products stand out favorably from rivals


of consumers would pay a higher price for a rePurpose-certified product


Planetary responsibility immersed in every
customer touchpoint.

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Stand out on the physical shelf and the virtual aisle with our certification seals

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Strategize and execute innovative, verifiable and credible storytelling with our in-house Creative Team.

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Inspire yourself with a tailored Content Toolkit full of resources for every channel and medium.   

Enabling change through the world's largest plastic recovery platform.

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Access vetted rePurpose Impact Projects across 3 continents and 8 countries  

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Create tangible & transparent environmental impact, verified under global standards  

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Tackle bottlenecks and create systems that stem the flow of plastic pollution globally

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Join our
global coalition.

Impactful identity

92% of brands agree that the Plastic Neutral Certification strengthened their brand identity

Boosted loyalty

the Plastic Neutral Certification increased customer retention in 76% of brands

Expanded reach

69% of brands' customer acquisition was positively impacted by the Plastic Neutral Certification