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We're a group of sustainability experts, impact enforcers, business professionals and creative storytellers with decades of collective experience. Having served across markets and disciplines worldwide, we're well-versed in helping companies, organizations, and governments create environmental impact that matters. 

It's only with the support of our team's rich experience that our platform assures you secure impact processes, strategically-aligned solutions and brand stories that connect with customers, partners and the world.


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Our global coalition covers organizations of all shapes and sizes. From Fortune 500 companies to SMEs, we've helped them all take meaningful environmental action.

Our holistic and unparalleled experience anchors us as the most reliable and trusted sustainability service platform for companies of any size, anywhere.


Analyze your business activity to measure and track your environmental impact.

Our team of consultants will analyze your company’s activity, and break it down to determine environmental indicators like your plastic footprint.  

 Environmental metrics

Footprint reduction advisory

Let our team of sustainability experts guide you to suitable solutions and roadmaps.

Our team of experts can curate a sustainability journey that caters to every component of your environmental footprint. 

Our virtually aligned resources are bound to build up a sustainable company culture. 

Get your employees more involved in company-wide sustainability campaigns. We can help drive employee action with customised digital tools and engagement campaigns that connect. 

Employee engagement

Consult with us and devise a long-term strategy that works for you.

We will work with you to understand your business needs, and customize a feasible long term sustainability strategy that creates credible and effective impact. 

Target and strategy setting

Our team of sustainability experts can help analyze your supply chain, and accurately communicate its impact within and outside of your organization.

Supply chain transparency

Look at your company’s supply chain processes through an environmental lens.

We can help you brainstorm and action large-scale campaigns, challenges and innovations that successfully drive our world towards a more circular economy.

Circular economy activations

Build up innovations that are helping our global economy close the loop.

Activate our network of innovators to source materials that work for you.

Our global network of waste management organizations are a great resource for any company looking to switch away from virgin plastics to  less-polluting materials.

Recycled material sourcing

Tell the world your impact story with our credible cross-channel resources. 

Once you’ve created verified impact, our team of specialists can help engage your audience with PR, social media and other multimedia resources customized to your brand. 

Sustainability communications

Fund globally-recognised climate change solutions taking action today. 

By activating our global network, we can help you identify innovators that are pushing for a waste-free world. Choose the ones that are closest to your industry and make impactful investments today. 

Environmental investments

Here's how we can help you.

Case study

Setting the right standards.

As a part of Verra's esteemed Plastic Standard Development Committee, we're working alongside ecosystem leaders such as Conservation International,, Danone, and Tetra Pak, to create a common framework for waste management projects worldwide.



A glaring gap in accountability and transparency across plastic waste recovery and recycling solutions.


A set of global guidelines developed by experienced industry leaders that define the baseline for plastic recovery, removal and recycling.


Consumers and businesses can easily identify legitimate plastic action projects by making direct comparisons to the global standard.


“This initiative will help corporations speak the same language when quantifying their plastic footprint, increasing transparency and accountability to advance and accelerate towards a more circular economy."



Global Circular Economy Manager at Danone

Case study

Powering impactful brands.

“rePurpose Global creates a catalytic impact by channeling the business resolve to tackle plastic waste into critically needed funding for the circular economy. It's a simple, intuitive, and powerful idea."

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Chief Sustainability Officer at Credit Suisse



Elevating Credit Suisse's ambitions of accelerating environmental finance in an engaging manner proves to be a challenge in a virtual world. 


For corporate events such as Women’s Financial Forum and Sustainability Summit, Credit Suisse sponsored rePurpose Global to eliminate a tangible amount of plastic waste from nature on behalf of every attendee.


Incentivizing the event with impact creation improved attendance and helped the company build on existing mission values that further resonated with its audience.

Innovating Ocean Finance: Perspectives from 4 Capital Providers

Going Plastic Neutral: Footprints, Credits and Offsets


We Have Carbon Credit, Why Not Plastic Credit? 


Crafting thought leadership
to accelerate impact.

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