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Removing as much plastic waste from nature as we use.

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That Is Our Plastic Neutral Promise.

"Our philosophy of ‘Do Good By Doing Good’ sits at the core of our business. Our innovative supply chain mirrors that. But we always were cognizant of our plastic footprint and how traditional recycling doesn’t solve this immediate crisis. By partnering with rePurpose Global, we can now measure our exact footprint, recover and recycle an amount of plastic that is equivalent to our packaging."

How It Works

1. Measure

Vahdam Teas donates a percentage of every product purchase to fund the collection of 21000 kgs of low-value plastic waste from oceans and landfills every year. 

2. Compensate

Low-value plastic is collected, processed and reused by Waste Ventures India - a waste management service in India that employs and empowers waste pickers to tackle plastic waste.

3. Reduce

Vahdam Teas will work with rePurpose Global to reduce the future use of virgin plastics in their products and build a more circular business and delivery mode for their company.

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In Partnership with Waste Ventures India


KGs of Plastic Waste Diverted

From Oceans and Landfills


Waste Workers & Family Members Provided with Additional Income


KGs of CO2

Emissions Avoided

Plastic Offset Project: 

Waste Ventures India

Hyderabad, India

Offset Enabler: 


New Delhi, India

From farm to cup, we are kind to this planet.

VAHDAM® Teas' Sustainability Journey

Sustainable Sourcing

Vahdam is committed to People & Planet. With a revolutionary supply chain, we ethically source garden-fresh harvest, and deliver. This process retains earnings in the source region, empowering millions of struggling farmers. Through our social initiative, TEAch Me, we redirect 1% of our revenue towards the education of our tea famers’ children.

Waste workers at Waste Ventures India, a rePurpose Global impact partner

An Ongoing Journey

VAHDAM in partnership with rePurpose Global is offsetting its plastic footprint by supporting vital recycling projects at Waste Ventures India. But it isn’t enough and they plan to bring in big changes with small steps in their everyday operations. One of the major changes they are currently working towards is introducing sustainable and biodegradable packaging

TEAch Me, a Vahdam teas social initiative

The Plastic Neutral Shift

True to its motto of "Do Good by Doing Good", Vahdam Teas has gone Plastic Neutral. Through its partnership with rePurpose Global, Vahdam Teas is empowering waste workers to fight plastic pollution in their communities, supporting ethical wages and providing all its products at a net zero plastic footprint.

This is how much plastic you waste every year. 

Find out how you can go Plastic Neutral today. 

rePurpose Global is a movement of conscious people and businesses going Plastic Neutral by empowering waste workers to fight our global plastic epidemic.


Together, we can reduce waste, revive lives, and restore balance.

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