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Vertis, Europe's First Plastic Neutral Workplace

Helping Businesses in Their Transition to a Low Carbon Economy


Removing as much plastic from nature as used by our employees and offices.

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That Is Our Plastic Neutral Promise.

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"Today, we have a once in a generation opportunity to shift towards a net zero carbon future. Our legacy can be a sustainable world. At Vertis, sustainability is not a trend, but our mind-set in every decision we take. This is why we get involved in initiatives such as plastic offsetting, because there is no better way to inspire others than by putting into practice what we preach."

How It Works

1. Measure

Vertis measured their office and employee footprint and is funding the removal of over 5800 kgs of low-value plastic waste from oceans and landfills every year.

2. Compensate

Low-value plastic is collected, processed and reused by Waste Ventures India - a waste management service in India that employs and empowers waste pickers to tackle plastic waste.

3. Reduce

Vertis will reduce their plastic footprint by taking office actions and providing personalized green living tips & tricks to the team through rePurpose Global.

In Partnership with Waste Ventures India


KGs of Plastic Waste Diverted

From Oceans and Landfills


Waste Workers & Family Members Provided with Additional Income


Tons of CO2e Emissions Avoided

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Plastic Offset Project: 

Waste Ventures India 

Hyderabad, India

Plastic Offset Enabler: 

Vertis Environmental Finance

Budapest, Hungary

Madrid, Spain

Brussels, Belgium 

Warsaw, Poland

Vertis Environmental Finance

We want our kids to be proud of the decisions we make today.

Vertis Environmental Finance

Vertis Environmental Finance's Sustainability Journey

A Steady Start

Vertis is committed to leaving a better planet for the upcoming generations. They were also a pioneer of the Joint Implementation projects from the Kyoto Protocol, helping companies to finance emission reduction projects. 20 years later, the Vertis portfolio covers environmental commodities trading, renewable energy and climate action consultancy.

Waste workers from Waste Ventures India, a rePurpose Global impact partner

An Ongoing Journey

Vertis' mission is to help other industries in their transition to a low carbon economy; and they knew they had to start from home. The company calculates and offsets its carbon footprint, improves the energy efficiency of its offices and transportation, and enhances its waste management systems. Even the company flights are conducted using sustainable fuel only!

Vertis Environmental Finance

The Plastic Neutral Shift

As one of the first companies in the world to be involved in the carbon markets, Vertis empowers businesses to make the transition to a low carbon economy. Through its partnership with rePurpose Global, Vertis is empowering waste workers to fight plastic pollution in their communities and turning its office into one with a net zero plastic footprint!

CO2 and climate change

This is how much plastic you waste every year. 

Find out how you can go Plastic Neutral today. 

About rePurpose Global

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rePurpose Global is the world's leading Plastic Action Platform dedicated to reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring nature's balance. Through our pioneering ecosystem of solutions that span across advisory, action, and advocacy, we help people and companies calculate, reduce, and offset their plastic footprint, while empowering grassroots innovators on the cutting edge of solving for our planet's future.

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