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The World’s First Plastic Credit Platform

Founded at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, rePurpose Global is coalition of people and businesses dedicated to empowering innovators on the frontlines of tackling plastic pollution and restoring the health of humanity's common habitat.


Purposeful Businesses in Our Global Coalition


Countries Where rePurpose Global-Certified Products Are Sold


Person Full-Time Team Spanning Across US, UK and India

Taking Global Environmental Action To The Next Level 

Our vision for a waste-free future is driven by innovative circular economy business models. In pursuit, rePurpose Global is catalyzing the recovery of low-value plastic waste streams, strengthening recycling infrastructure across more than 8 countries and scaling up virgin plastic alternatives. Together, we eliminate 1.5 million pounds of plastic every year and have empowered more than 9500 waste workers since inception.

Helping conscious brands flourish

Promoting diversity in the climate movement

Giving a platform to our society's unsung environmental heroes



Director Of


Spearhead special marketing, PR, and communications campaigns  to achieve viral awareness for rePurpose Global's B2B work on a global level


Communications Manager 

Spearhead integrated, PR-driven campaigns in order to build rePurpose Global as a formidable force for action in the global environmental discourse.




Lead our entire creative content and marketing copy portfolio across our diverse storytelling mediums to amplify social impact.


Director of Impact Projects

Lead the execution of impact project operations at rePurpose Global in catalyzing plastic recovery and recycling projects across the world.

Business Development

Director of Ecosystem Partnerships

Spearhead partnership development by pursuing targeted collaboration with the broader sustainability and international business ecosystem.


Chief Technology Officer

Lead, strategize, and execute on the entire suite of technology offerings. Implement your creative vision, directly build and deliver on projects.


Special Marketing Projects Manager

Research, brainstorm, and pitch holistic campaign concepts throughout the calendar year and devise execution plans. 


Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

Lead B2B paid media marketing, analytics, SEO optimization, and email marketing efforts, in a part-time capacity, to help us boost our reach. 


Chief Impact


Lead, strategize, and execute our impact operations in catalysing plastic recovery and recycling projects across the world.


Sustainability Strategy Manager

Lead, special, cross-functional research and analysis projects on sustainability and impact operations at rePurpose Global.

Business Development

 Senior Business Development Manager

Drive revenue growth, identify opportunities in the market and strengthen relationships on accounts of strategic importance to the venture.


Full Stack


Design & execute across our suite of technology offerings. Conceptualize & develop technology products across all aspects of our impact platform.


Director Of Communications

Spearhead, strategize, and execute our entire Public Relations portfolio at rePurpose Global while leading a team of junior managers and writers.


Senior Graphic Designer

Lead and execute our entire illustration, UI/UX, and graphic design portfolio to build our brand as a global movement for planetary change.


Director Of


Expanding our team, growing our culture, building our administrative processes and managing our financial operations. 

Business Development

Director of Business Development

Nurture, negotiate, and close new customer relationships and strategic business opportunities to lead product growth and sales. 

Business Development

Director of Customer Success 

Owning and actively nurturing crucial client relationships globally to ensure consistent high-quality value-added experiences. 


rePurpose Global Venture Fellowship

Take ownership of various business development pipelines across our sales and marketing teams, in a part-time capacity.  

rePurpose Global is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We do not discriminate against any individual based on race, color, sex, national origin, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, military or veteran status, disability, or any factors prohibited by applicable law. rePurpose Global fosters an inclusive work environment that celebrates diversity.


Join Us At The Cutting Edge Of Sustainability Today


Nurturing a Global Community of Purposeful Brands

Tending to the needs of purposeful businesses and helping them personalize their impact and branding in a delightfully simple fashion, our sales team is hyper-focused in their pursuit of a global network of eco conscious brands. 


On a Constant Hunt for The Next Big Impact Story

Rich in resources and ideas that communicate meaningful impact, our marketing team curates brand stories, pens content and designs visuals that effectuate environmental change. They are building up the future of business sustainability, today. 


Breaking Barriers to Supercharge the Circular Economy

From kickstarting projects with vetted recycling organizations, creating verified socio-economic impact and helping create the World's First Plastic Credit Standard, our impact team is steadfast, meticulous and resilient in their processes. 


Building Foolproof Systems That Steer Genuine Impact

Proactive in devising tools that elevate our impact creation, our technology team has executed personalized plastic footprint calculators, plastic data visualization dashboards & rigorous impact tracking mechanisms.


Life at rePurpose Global

Our leadership is dedicated to nurturing a culture of self growth through personalized mentorship and guidance.  

Our team's exclusive access to industry resources and daily curation of business trends helps keep sustainability at our fingertips. 

Our smooth cross-area collaboration flows into passion projects that make a difference - both, for us and the world around us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact rePurpose Global?

For questions regarding individual applications or rePurpose Global, please contact us via email at joinus@repurpose.global.

What kind of people are you looking for?

As a blazing fast, innovative social enterprise, we are looking for top tier talent dedicated to creating systematic environmental change. We are looking for people passionate about bridging the gap between sustainability, entrepreneurship, and social impact.

Why should I apply?

Our young, energetic team is spread across 3 continents and 7 countries, representing the finest talent and a fierce passion for environmental reform. Our team brings in a robust set of experience and perspectives, from management consulting in New York to 15 years of experience in the carbon credit market. rePurpose Global's diversity creates a unique and fulfilling working environment that we love and think you will too.

What background experience do I need to apply?

While the level of experience will vary based on the position you are applying for, prior experience in sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and English language communications will be valuable when applying for all positions.

Do I have to move if I work at rePurpose Global?

We are based in Goa, India, and would love to maintain a centralized culture after travel restrictions begin to ease and would therefore love for you to relocate to Goa. While we are open to remote positions, we have found that Goa, India, is not only an incredibly beautiful place to live, but the community's competitive environmental startup ambiance encourages our team to push the boundaries of impact.

I've applied for a position with rePurpose Global, what next?

Thanks for applying! We'll be in touch with you shortly over email with next steps. Add joinus@repurpose.global to your contacts, so you don't miss a message from us.

Our Mission

A global coalition of purposeful people and companies dedicated to empowering innovators on the frontlines of reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring nature's balance.

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