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When it comes to plastic waste, every second counts.

If every individual, business, and government went Plastic Neutral, we would end plastic waste in nature once and for all. You can start now.


What are Plastic Credits?

We use and throw away more plastic than our planet can handle. Enter Plastic Credits, which help us supercharge innovations and channel instrumental financing towards tackling plastic waste, a dire need of the hour.  

One rePurpose Global verified plastic credit

One additional Kg of plastic  waste avoided, recovered or recycled

Plastic neutrality is changing the game.

In the next 20 years, the world needs to spend $600 billion to fix our plastic waste crisis (download our guide to some of the key issues). The silver lining? With systemic solutions and accelerated innovations, we can still turn this reality around.

3 Billion

people don't have access to proper waste collection.

When you choose plastic credit financing, you help build new waste management infrastructure and supply chains, where there are none. This means collection networks, sorting facilities, and recycling — the whole system.   

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Supercharging impact beyond waste removal.

Connecting a global community.

Changing the waste landscape - and our future - requires partnership. Plastic credits connect us, regardless of geography and identity. We are a coalition formed over 3 continents and millions of lives, all bringing about transformative action together.

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We can’t beat an epidemic without innovation. Solutions that rethink and redesign our plastic usage need steadfast financial support, and plastic credits work as an enabler.

Rethinking plastic usage.

Our plastic consumption needs serious consideration. We go a step further, to work with brands and help them reduce their plastic usage, while finding alternatives that will turn their supply chain circular. 



It takes an army to fight plastic pollution, and with plastic credits we create urgent and tangible socio-economic impact, providing frontline workers steady livelihoods and safe working conditions, while formalizing the sector. 

Bringing the economy full circle.

Explore how we engage and accelerate the adoption of the circular economy through plastic credit financing. 


When you go plastic neutral, you:

• Help bridge the plastic pollution financing gap

• Earn consumers' trust with action


• Enable tangible change with transparency


• Support innovators saving our environment 

Download this short guide to see how consumers are demanding action on plastic waste, and the opportunity for brands.

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